High-tech and tradition

from Marburg

The Carus GmbH & Co. KG manufactures high-quality and innovative LED illuminants at two locations in Mittelhessen near Marburg. In our in-house lighting laboratory, engineers research and develop innovative products until they completely meet our high-quality standards and safety requirements. The production of the LED lamps is highly automated according to the latest industry standard.

The high level of qualification of the employees of Carus GmbH & Co. KG and the level of automation in the production are two strong pillars on which Carus’ long-term statement bases on. The parent company of Carus – Seidel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium design products and has tradition in the region since 1830.

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CARUS LED “Blauer Engel”

As the first and only LED lamp worldwide, this Carus LED model has received the “Der Blaue Engel” award.

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CARUS Connect Smart White

The future speaks Smart Home. The Carus Connect Smart White is your entry into the digital age of lighting technology.

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At a glance

Carus LED lamps are manufactured entirely at the technology location Germany near Marburg in Hessen. Research, development and production are carried out by one single source. The Carus LED lamps are real product innovations. The specialised construction process completely eliminates the need for harmful adhesives, both in the final product and during production. The use of materials has also been significantly reduced by up to 65 percent and thereby highly sustainable due to material efficiency. Moreover, all used materials are fully recyclable. Environmentally friendly products and production methods are an integral part of the philosophy of Carus.

„Made in Germany“

Preservation and creation of new jobs in Germany

Low-emission - protects customers, employees and the environment

Less shipping, intercontinental transport and import through production in Germany

Tradition since 1830 - great experience in aluminium and plastics processing by the parent company, Seidel GmbH & Co. KG

Cold white light is ideal for workspaces and work lamps

100 percent recyclable - guaranteed sustainable and environmentally friendly

Carus in detail

Statement for the location in Germany

Germany draws its economic strength from a very high level of education compared with other countries. This knowledge and nearly two centuries of business experience are the essential fundations for the technology-based and highly automated production of innovative and sustainable LED illuminants from Carus. The location in Germany, a center for technological innovation, in combination with the know-how of our developers, are critical factors of success for the long-term based design of sustainable and innovative products.

Minimising transport – regional production avoids emissions

Sustainability throughout the entire production chain is Carus’ top priority. Regional production significantly promotes the reduction of industrial emissions. Carus products made in Germany are not unnecessarily transported around the world. Efficient production processes and optimized supply chains hold considerable innovative potential for improving environmental protection. This idea is lived by our employees and can be found in every single Carus LED lamp.

Responsibility for our employees

700 people work for Carus and Seidel in the corporate association. Taking responsibility for each other is part of our own corporate culture.

No pollutants – in the product or the production

No to mercury, adhesives or other harmful substances! Carus LED lamps are developed with a clear vision in mind: neither does the product contain nor the production process make use of harmful or questionable substances. Carus develops and produces according to the highest quality standards as well as regular quality assurance checks. This protects customers, employees and the region. Technically, this approach also improves the product. The lamp components are not glued together, thus the temperature management of Carus LED lamps is significantly improved due to their construction, and in a sustainable manner.

Innovative technology

The Carus LED lamps are real product innovations. The specially developed construction method completely eliminates the need for unhealthy adhesives, both in the product and in the production. The material input has also been significantly reduced by up to 65%. As a result, Carus LED lamps are not only particularly smart, but also guaranteed sustainable due to their material efficiency.

Developing high-tech know-how – creating jobs

Carus lamps are manufactured by long-time employees in a high-tech environment. Without the very well trained employees at the Marburg locations, the first-class LED lamps and the success of the company would be inconceivable. The new production has already created 50 additional jobs in the company. A number that will continue to grow. The People living there are the most important part of a strong region. A deeper sense of solidarity, for Carus, provides ideal conditions to establish LED lamps from Central Hesse in the strong global competition in a sustainable, long-term and successful manner.

Carus LEDs explained

In this info film you can learn more about the innovative LED lamps from Carus. You will be amazed.

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Press reviews

„Production takes place exclusively in Germany, which is somewhat extraordinary, as products of this category are usually being produced in the Far East.“

Umwelttechnischer Bericht 2/2014

„If you get to know the passionately thinking and acting managing director, …, … and take a look at the automated production on site (in Fronhausen, central Hessen, editor’s note), you won’t be able to help but feel like you are witnessing a remarkable development here.“

Licht 1/2017

„Production in Germany and the resulting significant reduction of environmentally unfriendly transport by sea are also important contributions to climate protection.“

Elektropraktiker 3/2017