Lighting tips

Are you looking for the perfect lighting for your demands? We will be happy to help you – Carus offers a suitable product for almost every desire.


Living room

The heart of your home. Especially here, different lighting scenarios are called for in everyday life, which increases the demands on the lamps in use. In some situations, the living room needs good illumination – the whole room should be lit or areas such as the dining table should be well illuminated. Other days, the lighting should provide a cozy atmosphere for relaxation.


Our LED lamps are the perfect choice to serve those needs. Thanks to its dimmability, the light output can be adjusted precisely when using a luminaire with dimming function. The high quality allows you to enjoy the cozy ambiance undisturbed. The color temperature of 2700 Kelvin provides the same lighting effect as the old incandescent lamp, with up to 85 percent less energy consumption. Another advantage: the 25-times longer service life implies that frequent lamp replacement is no longer necessary.



A place of calm and comfort. The pleasant warm-white tone of the Carus LED lamps and the matching 400 lumen luminosity create the right atmosphere. They offer enough light to make book pages easy to read and can also be used in dimmable luminaires, which are popular in bedrooms. The even illumination and the large beam angle create a pleasant environment and ensure suitability for many different types of luminaires.



Light has different functions in the kitchen. When handling different devices and utensils, sufficient lighting is an important safety aspect, but the light should also make the room beautiful. With the right choice of illuminants, both requirements can be combined with each other. Luminaires that direct the light in a targeted manner offer the possibility of illuminating work areas with pinpoint precision. The pleasure should also not be neglected: visual aspects are an important part of a good meal, a high colour rendering value puts fresh and colourful food in the right light. The advantage of LED lamps is that they do not emit UV light and thus increase the shelf life of foods. The high colour rendering values of Carus let your dishes have a genuine effect on you. We recommend using the 600 lumen lamps.


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