Esencia room-fragrance


Esencia by Carus is a unique solution in the room fragrance market, combining style and fragrance in a surprising way. For the first time, the user can easily design his or her own bottle in the modular system. The Esencia flacons are made of high-quality glass and pure aluminium and are available in nine trendy colours. A selected assortment of precious essences makes for a perfect experience. We supply 21 rattan sticks to give you at least 6 weeks of full fragrance enjoyment. The highlight: the room scents can be combined with the coloured Carus Candela candleholders. This results in entirely new shape and colour variations!


Esencia Duft Amena Cariflora Cortesia Estrella Jovena Mirada Vivencia
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“Amena” : Gentle & floral: a gentle, fresh floral fragrance, which is at home in a splendid milk bath crowned with spring flowers. Realizing stunning beauty of spring with a lively touch right at your home. A velvety sensation for your senses.


“Cariflora”: Full-bodied & glamorous: A floral fragrance with top notes of grapefruit and orange blossom combined with a hint of cyclamen and rounded off with unexpected fruits such as apples. A well balanced and aromatic composition.


“Cortesia”: Earthy & tangy: An unusual composition of fragrances such as leather, cedar wood, geranium blossoms and grapefruit. Patchouli and vetiver complement the resinous notes with a spicy component. A rich, elegant fragrance.


“Estrella”: Feminine & playful: Slightly sweetish with notes of vanilla and golden honey, complemented by a blend of flowers and fruits. It also contains essences of roses, raspberries and ylang ylang to provide a touch of Hollywood.


“Jovena”: Clear & summerly: creates a unique combination of freshness and floral fragrance that will allow you to reminisce about a brilliant summer evening in a French Champagne castle garden. You will want to enjoy, or even celebrate this very moment of the setting summer sun.


“Mirada”: Spicy & exotic: A rich composition of tobacco and leather complemented by the light, fruity notes of lemon and geranium. In combination with grey ambergris, the notes give significance, presence and a hint of orient to the fragrance. A spicy, wonderful experience.


“Vivencia“: Fresh and modern: Citrus-based aromas of tangerine, oranges, subtle hyacinth and sandalwood notes as well as bergamot turn this fragrance into mature aroma. A fragrance that creates a refreshing and revitalizing interior.


Scope of delivery:
75 ml room fragrance / 21 rattan sticks


Ø 4,2 cm / h 10,4 cm


15 % perfume oil, 17 % alcohol, 68 % Solvenon DPM


21 sticks are delivered with each 75ml Carus room fragrance flask, allowing the extraordinary fragrance pleasure lasts for at least six weeks. The number of incense sticks regulates the intensity of the fragrance experience. For large rooms we recommend the use of 6 to 7 rattan sticks, smaller rooms however only need 2 to 3. For constant pleasure, Carus recommends a stick replacement after two to three week.

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