LED lamp 600lm Dim by Click


Discover infinitely variable dimming without the need for a built-in dimmer.


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The Carus Dim by Click solution offers you a convenient dimming function that works on any standard wall and luminaire switch. The shape of the bulb makes for an easy replacement of your previous lamps – just unscrew the old bulb, screw in Carus LED lamp and the new dimming function is immediately available. This allows you to choose a brightness between 15 and 600 lumens.


With normal dimmable LED lamps, not only the lamp but also the dimmer needs current power supply. This is no longer necessary with the Carus by Click LED lamps, if anything you save energy by useing only the energy needed for the desired brightness.
In addition to the innovative dimming function, the Carus Dim by Click LED lamp naturally offers all the Carus “Made in Germany” advantages. Guaranteed quality in every aspect. The full degree of production automatization  guarantees the consistent quality.


Our focus is primarily on a material-efficient production. We have received funding from the German Federal Environment Agency and have received several awards. We waive the usual adhesives and composites. As a result, our durable products are easily recycled at the end of their service life, returning the individual parts and materials to the recycling chain.


Please note that the dimmer is incorporated in the light source and therefore cannot be dimmed by external dimmers.

Detailed information about the Carus LED lamp Dim by Click is available here.

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Fact sheet Fact sheet
Item position 40006129
Model-Nr. 1016129
Country of manufacture Germany
Delivery time 3-4 days
Scope of delivery 1 LED-lamp
Diameter 60mm
Height 108mm
Weight 74g
Application Suitable for indoor applications in dry rooms
Suitable for professional use in public buildings
Suitable for outdoor use in specially shielded luminaires
Socket E27
Lumen 600
Energy consumption 8,0W
Energy efficiency class A+
Dimmable No
List of compatible dimmers No
Colour temperature 2.700K
Voltage 220-240V
Starting time <0,5s
Lifetime 25.000h
Colour-rendering index >90
Radiation angle 240°
Number of switches 25.000
Material No
Comparative value (in W) 48
Power Faktor 0,9



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