The Carus Story

Carus GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Marburg, is a young company focused on the development and production of modern, sustainable LED light sources surpassing the highest quality standards in Germany in an environmentally friendly way. The spin-off, which has emerged from a long-established technology company, is currently focusing on the development of innovative, smart LED solutions for private and professional users. Carus LED lamps are digital products and are able to save about 85 percent of energy in comparison to conventional light bulbs.

For the innovation of a resource-saving, fully automated production of LED lamps in Germany, managing partner Dr. Andreas Ritzenhoff was awarded the Diesel Medal, Germany’s oldest innovation prize. Furthermore, He was honored by the Harvard Business Club Germany as Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. The Federal Ministry for Environment also supports Carus within their programme for Environmental Innovation. Due to our outstanding savings through resource-efficient production, Carus LED lamps were nominated for the German federal “ecodesign” award and in October 2016, a Carus LED lamp was awarded the “Blauer Engel”.

We decided to go that way because:

LED light with its significantly lower energy consumption is the alternative to the light bulb

we have found a way of production in a more environmentally friendly way than has been customary until now - we have received significant funding from the German Federal Environment Ministry and the LOEWE research promotion program for this purpose

there are hardly any manufacturers for these products in Europe (50 percent of current electricity consumption has to be saved for the success of the energy turnaround)

we believe that more highly specialised products should be originating from Germany

it has inspired us to try something completely new

Our lamps:

offer highest quality

give a warm white light, just like the conventional light bulb

have low power consumption

show very good colour rendering (CRI >87)

last more than 25 times longer than a bulb

are dimmable

weigh considerably less than conventional retrofit LED lamps (up to 60 percent material saving)

Performance spectrum

The core competence of Carus GmbH & Co KG is the planning and implementation of new products for industrial production. Our strength lies in the assembly, in which various components such as aluminium parts and plastic inserts are combined.

The 100% degree of automation during production allows us to achieve an optimal quality and facilitates a consistent quality, including the packaging of the products. The highly complex test routines during production can as well be implemented completely automatic.

All Carus products are manufactured exclusively in Germany, our key to an optimal price to performance ratio is the full automation of the production processes. Our production processes make the light for the future available today. Our LED products are the result of know-how and passion for better light.


Our goal is to use cutting-edge technology to manufacture environmentally friendly products. Our expertise in the fields of aluminium and plastic allow our company to save excess materials of up to 60 percent by the utilisation of thin-walled aluminium and plastic components in comparison to conventional LED lamps. As a result, our LED lamps are up to 65 percent lighter and we save 260 tons of aluminium per year. By dispensing with the use of adhesives and focusing only on a few different materials, the recyclability of our products was increased enormously. To this end, we received awards and funding from the Federal Environment Ministry’s Innovation Programme.


Local production saves an additional 400 container deliveries per year from the Far East, equivalent to more than half a million tonnes of CO2. In addition, the products have a very long shelf life, minimising their environmental impact even further. The excellent production conditions in Hessen also render Carus an environmentally friendly manufacturer.


Our efforts pave the way for the energy revolution in Germany by saving up to 85 percent electricity.

Climate protection

With LED lamps from Carus, you carry on double climate protection.

You save a lot of electricity with good, warm white light.

You protect the climate by avoiding long sea transports. This becomes possible because we produce our products exclusively in Germany.

Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, Carus LED lamps save up to 90 percent energy. Thanks to new technology, they convert the majority of electricity into light rather than heat, in contrast to light bulbs. The fact that Carus lamps are 60 percent lighter than comparable lamps is because smaller quantities of materials are used. This has a number of positive effects for the environment, as it reduces the consumption of natural resources and raw materials. In addition, around 500,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases will be saved through lower consumption and efficient production in Germany. The two largest CO2 producers in the world are the burning of fossil fuels and international container shipping due to heavy fuel oil combustion engines. The efficient and regional production of Carus lamps significantly reduces emission pathways. Our LED lamps come without the use of any adhesives or composites. This means that the products are readily recycled after a service life of just under 25 years. The LED lamps are swiftly dismantled and separated, hereby facilitating and easy waste management.


Be our ambassador, share the knowledge about our capabilities and actively protect our climate. Thank you in advance!


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Factory outlet

Since December 2014 our products are available in our own factory outlet. The entire product range can be purchased on the production site in Fronhausen an der Lahn, directly at the B3. In addition to our LED lamps, you will also find Carus’ home accessories. You are cordially invited to visit the factory outlet and be convinced by the quality of our products.
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